How to cook

Always cook Pierogi straight from the freezer, never defrost.


Boil water, kiss your pierogi gently and add them to the pot. Stir to prevent sticking.

Pierogi don't like their water too bubbly so as it returns to a boil, turn down to a simmer to avoid break-ups.

When the pierogi float to the surface, simmer them lovingly for a further five minutes, after this they are ready for fun times.


Cover a steaming tray with a good quality spray oil - only the best for our pierogi! - and place it over boiling water.

Add our delicious dumplings to the tray and give them another spray, gently moving them around with a wooden spoon to avoid sticking. Repeat during steaming if necessary.

After 8-10 minutes, pierogi will appear puffy and full of confidence, ready to eat.

Pan Fry

Our favourite way to prepare pierogi! But remember, these darlings must be boiled or steamed before frying. Crisp them up with some good butter or a quality vegetable oil to give them a nice tan and make them even more delicious.


We recommend a light sour cream and chopped dill on top of our pierogi.

Fried onion and bacon will also add to the flavor of the meal and make you generally more attractive.