We started Pierogi Pierogi with a love affair when Dominika and Guy met in London and when Dominka introduced Guy to Poland.

Ever since we arrived back in Australia it has been our mission to share our love and obsession with Polish food to a Melbourne food audience that is hungry for authentic, real eating experiences from people who love what they do!

From our little red tent at farmers markets, our own curated Polish food and music nights through to the Queen Vic Night Market, Golden Plains and other land mark Melbourne festivals Pierogi Pierogi has strived to spread our love of Poland through its most famous dish – Pierogi.

And who doesn’t love dumplings?

All of our products are made using locally sourced ingredients. We believe in quality and we want to give you nothing less.  

Our family run business has now expanded its core range of Polish dumplings wholesale into cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and grocery stores. Currently our Home Delivery menu is growing to feature many more classic Polish dishes in the form of ready meals as well as Polish style smallgoods, pantry classics, sweets and desserts to satisfy the growing demand for our quality products.

If you tried and liked our Pierogi, make sure to let others know !